About The Company

Who Are We

We are Lions Pest Management, a pest control company that has more than ten years worth of experience in dealing with all sorts of infestation. We cater to the pest control needs both commercial and residential clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed

Our Vision

To be the leading Pest Management company in Australia; providing quality services with safe and effective products and maintaining superior customer satisfaction along the way.

Mission Statement

To be the customer's first choice in Pest Management, with dedicated and highly motivated staff, striving to deliver exceptional and consistent services that are environmentally responsible and at a competitive price.

Our Customers

The valued customers of Lions Pest Management are excited to work in cooperation with us to solve pest control problems at home and at work. They are willing to let us educate them in order to better protect their properties. Our customers recognise the importance of the services we provide and acknowledge that they are also an integral part of the pest management process.

How We Work

We believe that the best way of eliminating pests from an occupied property is to prevent infestations in the first place. When preventative measures are taken, the odds of a client dealing with a future pest infestation are reduced significantly. This saves time, money and unwanted stress.

On top of a comprehensive inspection and treatment, technicians at Lions Pest Management directly engage their customers and provide excellent communication, helpful tips and information. This empowers the customer to be aware of the situation and also prevent further issues from arising.

Our work is very methodical and thorough. We use safe, industry approved and environmentally friendly products and processes to eliminate pests. Our customers find that we at Lions Pest Management can be relied upon to get the job done right. The quality of our service is of utmost importance. We have no tolerance for haphazard work and we do not take shortcuts when inspecting or treating. 

All our services are guaranteed. 12-month warranties on all residential services and 1 to 3 month warranties for commercial services, subjective to the situation. We always strive to give our clients peace of mind.  

Get Started

Our technicians are available between 5:30am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. We also do night work on request.

Free quotes are available by just a short phone call or email. All you need to provide is your location, size of premises and what pests need to be treated.



We listen closely to your individual problems and needs and strive to tailor our services to satisfy them. Customer questions and feedback is welcomed warmly during and after the service is carried out. Open communication between Lions and clientele is of utmost importance. Our technicians do not begin treating the problem before thoroughly inspecting and identifying the source of the issue and making the most informed decision of how to proceed.


Our customers are the most important people to us. We know that they are concerned about their pest problems in and around their properties, and our desire is to help solve their problems and meet their needs. Our high standard of customer service extends from initial free quotes and discussions about pest management information and options, to safe and effective services, to prompt invoicing, receipts and follow-up appointments.


At Lions Pest Management we highly value customer relations and we deliver this by engaging and respecting customers' beliefs, ideas, backgrounds and personal wishes, as well as the homes and properties we supply services to. We strive to always behave and communicate considerately with transparency and honesty. Our pest technicians know that your time is valuable just as ours is. We show respect for our customers by arriving to jobs on time. On the odd occasion that we are behind schedule, we will notify our clients via phone call or SMS


At Lions Pest Management we protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and their families by only using the safest and most effective products on the market at a competitive price. Our valued services are of the highest quality and exceed industry standards in order to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Dena Reid

"I have been using Lions Pest Management for three years now and the results are excellent. The product is powerful and effective but doesn't leave unsightly residue or nasty odor. The great news is that I can still find the odd dead cockroach up to a year after the house has been sprayed."

Matthew Russell

I am a personal friend of the business owner and can assure you that Ari is a man of integrity and very diligent in what he does. With great work ethics and a high professional quality of workmanship and standards, you are guaranteed an outstanding job by utilising Lions Pest Management!

Ginette Ee

Honest and you will get the best job possible from this man!!

Bek Klimionok

Okay this guy is amaze at what he does! I never would have thought you could say that about someone doing pest control, I mean it's just killing bugs right? Nope, this guy goes above and beyond to not only get rid of the pests but also educates along the way on how to keep them away. I have had these guys take care of my pest control on more than one property and each time the service was brilliant. On top of that, Ari has always contacted after the job to make sure I was happy with the job and if there was any pest issues still. This is not your average pest guy, this is someone who genuinely cares and takes pride in his job and it shows! And now I know all about German cockroaches and why they suck! Ha! I would highly recommend this pest control biz to everyone and anyone. So if your on the GC/Briz and you are needing pest control done - Ari is your man.

Jonathon Scoones

One treatment never saw an ant on the property again. From an infestation to nothing in a few days. Amazing.